At a Glance

We provide financial solutions to private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide. As a globally active financial expert, the operational structure of our firm is comprised of three business divisions: Global Wealth Management, Asset Management and Structured Solutions.

Fund Overview

Avanti Global Fund is domiciled in the Cayman Islands and regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority. Our mission is to deliver superior fund performance and exemplary client service, whilst utilising capital protective investment strategies. Our Fund is structured as a segregated portfolio company (SPC) which is the ideal structure for clients wishing to establish their own regulated entity with a number of classes of investment or diverse groups of investors. Features and benefits of utilising this fund structure are listed below.

Economies of Scale

An SPC may be established either as a stand-alone entity or an umbrella structure with multiple segregated funds. The structure allows segregated funds to reap economies of scale by sharing common service providers (i.e. fund administrators, fund managers, custodians, law firms and auditors) and consolidating certain administrative functions.

Asset Ring-fencing

Segregated funds operate as separate vehicles and are allocated a unique fund number. To prevent cross-fund contagion, the SPC must keep the assets and liabilities of each sub fund segregated, and the assets of one segregated fund may not be used to discharge the liabilities of another. This allows each segregated fund to pursue different investment objectives, while shielding investors’ liabilities from other funds.


Each fund has the capacity to pursue a broad investment strategy. It can be used as an investment platform on which investors can use different segregated funds to hold varying asset classes (e.g. cash, securities, real estate, intellectual property and distressed or illiquid assets) and have their investments managed separately from other investments held by other segregated funds on the same fund platform.

Liquidity Appeal

Enhanced ability to get liquidity on individual assets and portfolios of assets. Ability to create a vehicle that is acceptable to investors, financiers and bankers for raising funds. Professional and large asset and fund managers provide credibility to the SPC in global markets.

Accounting Standards

SPCs are permitted to use either the International Financial Reporting Standards or such other official standards as may be agreed between its auditors. This allows fund managers to choose accounting standards that best suit the requirements of the jurisdiction in which the fund’s assets are located.

Tax Benefits

There are no taxes payable in the Cayman Islands on the SPC or its shareholders, among other benefits.

Exchange Controls

There are no exchange control restrictions.

No Residency Issues

The SPC is a Cayman Islands corporate structure, like a standard exempted company, where there are no residency restrictions on Directors or Shareholders.


The register of shareholders of each Fund within an SPC need not be made public and would only need to be disclosed to public authorities upon request for regulatory, supervisory and law enforcement purposes. This level of privacy is lauded as a welcome change by investors who do not wish for their investment activities to be known to the public.

Fund Partners

We partner with leading fund service companies to ensure we are able to provide our clients with superior solutions within one regulated structure, including fund governance, corporate and administration services, legal services, accounting and reporting services, trustee services, banking and custodial services and centralised trade execution and prime brokerage facilities. Our clients are able to achieve significant cost efficiencies through our structure given the economies of scale under which we operate.

Corporate Responsibility

Avanti Global Fund is a responsible investor, seeking to build value through sustainable growth in its investments. Avanti views responsible corporate investing by the environmental and social impact of its investment activity, and the manner in which each investment is managed.

In addressing corporate social responsibility, we respect interntional regulations and norms of conduct and undertake business by high ethical standards. We integrate broad environmental and social considerations into our core business operations and aim to uphold high standards of business integrity and good corporate governance. Avanti’s sustainability commitment is to:

Ensure that sustainability practices are implemented and that measurable results are achieved in our companies and our investments.

Incorporate sustainability considerations into our investment diligence and decisions.

Strive for greater transparency and governance from our investments.